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How Do I Clean My Mac Pro Keyboard

Hey guys, it’s multitechno101 here and today i’m going to be talking about the new keyboard cover I got. This is around USD$4 I guess ‘cos I got it for HKD$30, so if you divide by 8 then. yeah. But anyways, this is the CrystalGuard. It’s really odd because I don’t know where it’s from or anything, but it’s just called the CrystalGuard. So there are the descriptions here, and one thing I find this packaging similar to is the ClearGuard. The Moshi ClearGuard’s packaging. You can see the sizes are pretty similar and the font.

Is pretty similar, the layout’s pretty similar too. and at the back they both have pull tabs, except for the fact that this isn’t glued at the top so you can just pull this out, and the CrystalGuard just comes on this sheet of cardboard. But anyways, this keyboard cover (the CrystalGuard) has similar patterns to the iSkins they have the blue, green, purple polka dotted designs, they have a pink one, just a blue one, green one, orange one. but they have several colors you can choose from. This is pretty different from what I’ve been used to using, the ClearGuard,.

Because firstly the clearguard is a lot lighter. it doesn’t feel as rubbery this is more plasticky ‘cos the ClearGuard is TPU, whereas the CrystalGuard is actually silicone. So it is incredibly stretchy, um I know it’s not good to do this but it’s incredibly stretchy, and on the back it’s really sticky so it sticks to your keyboard keys. A bad thing I found out about this is that there’s sometimes watermarks. I don’t know if you can see that but there are some watermarks along here. But since this is pink, it doesn’t show as easily, so that’s good.

So how is this better than the clearguard? well, i guess it’s pretty cool ‘cos it’s pink, it adds more color and style to your keyboard, and since it is rubbery and a lot smoother than the ClearGuard sometimes people might prefer that. In some ways, it’s easier to type on this because since silicone is a softer material than TPU (well obviously) it would be easier to type using this than the ClearGuard. Although, sometimes you might accidentally click on some keys that you don’t want to, because this is so thin. I think they are.

Around the same thickness. the clearguard and the crystalguard. but this is just overall a lot heavier. But I like both of them so it depends on what you’re doing and what you need this for. You know, they both serve the same purpose. So let’s take a look at the sides, over here. They don’t align really well with the little dent. indentation, I guess, along the keyboard, but it’s not significant. Over here it’s not aligned that well. You can cut it if you want to but it’s just a matter of a few millimetres so personally.

I don’t think it matters. another thing that bugs me about this is that sometimes there might be air bubbles in the keyboard. And if you do that, it might unalign to your keyboard. But it’s not showing now. So that’s about it guys, so once again, the product I’m reviewing today is the CrystalGuard. Oh, and before I forget, the keyboard lighting does not show. well it does show. it does shine through this, but as you can see it’s unaligned to the text that’s embossed on the keyboard cover, so if I’m using this keyboard cover I don’t.

Macbook PRO A18 Retina display scratch fix

Hello today we have to repair the laptop interesting problem as you can see there is damage on the surface of the LCD Screen you can zoom in.

And see more the client sent a complaint to to resolve this the problem. We tried to find on the Internet solution but stumbled upon.

The situation that solution ready was nowhere to be found while Apple company is not you know, officially or not States that this is not a warranty case and we need to understand owner independently.

Most service centers I propose to solve this issue by replacement of the lcd screen entirely which is very expensive we will try to solve it this problem its way it is now evident that half of the display.

Less normal that is fixed on half of the display now fixed this defect and now let’s show how it’s done just want to note what scratched the surface.

Nothing wiped no cloth, no napkins, and even alcohol nothing happens we hypothesized that the attack on the surface.

The display laptop protection glare and so on. And since it is a coating, it can eliminate fine polishing material now clearly goes to show that that was before.

We started polishing that turned out now glare from the matrix lamp lighting and it is clear that the part is damaged.

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