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Does Reinstalling Os X Speed Up Your Mac

Hi all in today’s tutorial Im going to show you the Top 10 fixes for speeding up Yosemite and adding back some missing features that you lost in the new operating system but are kinda still there they’re just not on the surface so we’re gonna start off with step 1 to free up some disk space a lot of reasons why your computer may be running slow is that you simply have a filled up Hardive so the best thing to do is make sure that your hard drive is not filled up to capacity and if it is.

Just go and delete some files one of the things that kinda drove me a little crazy I think even in Maverick was that they took away the ability to see how full your hard drive was right here at the bottom of the window the way to get it back is you go to the View menu and you click on show status bar and as you can see I can now see how much disk space is available which I did not was not able to see before right here at the bottom.

So that’s kind of cool and if we zoom in then you can see that that’s actually the hard drive space that’s available okay and let me zoom back out another thing that actually pretty cool is I used to like the eject button over here and as you can see there’s no eject Button here if you control click on the menu bar can go to customize toolbar and you can look for the eject button and put it back in here and if you like to burn CDs you like having that button there you can put that.

Top 10 Yosemite Feature fixes for speeding up Mac OS X and adding back some missing features

There but one of my favorite icons over here is the pathfinder and I’ll show you what that does I if you click on any file in your window and you click on the pathfinder it tells you exactly what folders it’s an exactly what the file path is so it’s in my Mac Book Air it’s in Yosemite folder Library folder audio Apple Loops Apple and that’s where these files exist so it’s great if you’re looking for where this thing is on your computer it works out quite nicely also if you’re wondering how I was able to get.

Names under each of these if yours are showing them if you go control quick and normally its defaulted icons only so if you control click and go icons and text you actually can see what the name of each these icons are so that could be helpful tool if your not familiar with what each of these icons mean so that’s I is my first step so the second step get rid of transparency the way to do that is you go to your system preferences on accessibility if you just type it.

It so much easier to find there it is and then next step would be you click on display and click on reduce transparency this actually I’ve been told is really slowing down a lot of people’s computers so just clicking on this can really help you alright so that’s number two next one where’s the itunes sidebar that drove me kinda crazy let me open up iTunes here where got it they also change the icon alerts red just n case you didn’t know if you click on over here.

Movies TV shows podcast iTunes audio books what you’re looking for is the playlist hopefully you have that showing movies music there we go and here’s playlist okay when you click on playlist you get back that sidebar and at least you’re able to see some of the things you were before so again all I did was click on the music and then Playlist okay so that brings back some of the iTunes feature also keep in mind iTunes icon is red now which it was blue before so that kinda messed me up for a while.

All right let’s go to the next one I think that was step 3 so here step 4 so where is my full URL address you know I used to be able to see the whole web address now I can’t so let’s go into Safari and here we are in Safari we’re going to go to Safari then preferences and from preferences what we’re going to do is we are going to click on advance and show for web address right there you wanna have that clicked so that when you’re typing.

Your URL’s in here you actually see the whole web address as you could see alright so that’s another one again you go to System Preferences and click on Advanced and then turn on show full web address so that brings back that feature Step 5 change spotlight settings so spotlight is a lot of the searches that you see here for the spotlight search has been very advanced tin Yosemite but having everything on kinda slows down the computer so if you go to System Preferences and type in spotlight there we go and again.

Select their just like that I would leave our on 1 through 5 and I think I would even leave on 6 I would turn off some that these other one right do I really needed to search my mail and messages all my PDF documents do I want it to be a calculator spotlight can act as a calculator I don’t know if any of you saw that if you do 2 plus 2 you’re gonna get 4 you see it says equal 4 so that’s kind of interesting it acts as a calculator if you don’t need Calculator.

You can turn it off if you don’t need spotlight suggestions you can turn it or I may not want to go through every spreadsheet and every document every time is doing a search so really you have to look at what you may not want it to you know look at see what’s important to you and see what’s not and if you feel that something doesn’t need to be on turn it off because if you have all these items on it can be a problem also you can click and drag things in whatever order that he want.

So by putting them in that particular order that you feel you want it to search that will also reduce will actually increase some of the speed of a lot of the spotlight searches so turn on or off try different things there’s no real formula you the can always turn it back on and see what you really need to have on to speed up your computer so that’s another one another one that you can do and this one is Filevault what’s really bad about this is that you kind of want FileVault if your computer gets.

Stolen you definitely don’t want anybody to go into the computer and grab any of your information or data so you kinda really want probable on if you’re you have a laptop in your concerned about theft but it does slow down your computer and you really need to you turn it off if it really causing a bad slow down if you do you going to security and privacy in your preferences that you just saw and here is Filevault obviously you have to click on this and put in your usernamepassword.

And then turn on Filevault is on that means it’s off so in my case it’s off but it was on you would turn it off over here and then obviously close so that’s up to you if you want to do that but if it’s really causing a slowdown in the computer you may want to turn it off and only when you travel to turn it on so that’s up to you let’s go to Step 7 so I have tutorials on how to repair permissions and check for disk errors you watch that tutorial.

But that is another thing that you can do and it’s really important to run repair disk permissions because sometimes when you operate operating systems the permissions don’t work very well because you might set up a new user account with a different name and it confuses some other files it’s always good to run are the Disk Utility repair permissions and fix any disk errors that are on there so that step 7 you can watch the tutorial on that on my channel so this is a really interesting one.

Reset system management a lot of people don’t know how to do this but basically I’m gonna open up my little keyboard here for you here we go so what we can do is the shift option control and power buttons on your computer’s so that’s the shift option and the control down here if you hold them down for 10 seconds when it restarts when you start up the computer you’re holding those keys down it will reset the system management controller that actually helps if you’re having power issues.

Or if you are having some you know some weird things going on with that you’re charging and you don’t know what to do and this is things that you can try to actually help with the computer it’s one of the main fixes that people do at the Apple Store because the average person doesn’t know to even reset the system management controler but I had a problem once where my computer completely died I plugged in and and had nothing I did I couldn’t get back up I brought it down to the Apple Store.

And they did this fix shift option control power button it reset it and he came right back up so I was kicking myself that I didn’t know how to do this before it took my ride down to the store so great great little tip for repairing computers if you have a power problem step nine is resetting the PRAM I do this all the time whenever I rebuild a system I will always restart the computer hold down the command which is here option and P meaning the actual P Key.

And the actual R Key yes you have to use a use a Couple of fingers to hold them down but you start up the computer and you quickly grab these keys hold down your fingers you wait till you hear the chime restart and you let it restart like three times some people only do it once I like do it three times I find that three times is a charm so it’s up to you but works beautifully so that resetting the PRAM that gets rid of a lot of the random.

Access memory issues that might be ya know kinda in your in the memory the computer and this fixes a lot of things so if you have a slow down it’s always good to do can’t hurt doesn’t delete anything so there’s no big deal in running it step 9 make sure all your apps and extensions are up to date just go under the App Store you now the the usual way you would do it for your updates and just make sure that when you go into your App Store and actually go in there and show you.

There is a button here called updates after you update to Yosemite you may actually have some additional updates that you need just update them right from this window not a big deal very easy to do you may have an app that’s or an extension that’s running that may not be functioning properly in Yosemite and there is an update for it you just haven’t updated your computer so thats a good thing to do the last one which is number 10 is if your computer is still not running fast after all this is going on and you really not sure.

What’s causing it go to the go menu go to utilities and open up an application called Activity Monitor now I’m gonna show you this little up close and here we go on basically these are the programs that are running and if you take a look at the CPU eightythree percent over here I my CPU is being used 79 it goes backandforth with Adobe Captivate which is the problem actually using to make this tutorial and if that was something that didn’t make any sense ya know this would be the perfect timing.

To actually click on it and click this button to force quit which would tell me right away if my computer is going to be working faster I often do this if I’m not quite sure what to do because if there’s an application up there running that Idon’t even know what it is and it’s taking up all my CPU I would click that and force quit it and if my computer was running fine I would check activity monitor again when I restarted and if that same application was up there I want to get rid of that and find.

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