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Cleaning Your Macbook Pro Unibody

How To Replace the Upper Case in a 13 MacBook Pro Unibody

How long do you think you could get by without the use of your command key? I know that personally, a broken command key would make me crazy, because I’m addicted to keyboard shortcuts. Well, if your command key, or any other function of your keyboard is busted, the fix might just be replacing your upper case. Unlike earlier versions of the Macbook Pro, the Unibody versions have the keyboard integrated into the uppercase, so replacing the keyboard means replacing the upper case. Hi, I’m mj with iFixit, and today I’m going to show you how to replace the upper case in 13â€� unibody MacBook Pro. This tutorial is a great overview of the process, but of course, when you’re performing your repair, you’ll want to follow.

The stepbystep instructions in the repair guide on our site. The one I’m working on is a mid 2011 version, and while the process is very similar for the earlier iterations, there are enough differences that you definitely need to be following the repair guide. This is probably the most involved repair one can perform on this computer, but it’s totally feasible if you can carve out an hour or so to do it. That being said, I’m going to get my parts and tools together so I can get started. For this repair I am going to need: Spudger Plastic Opening Tools Phillips 00 Screwdriver.

T6 Torx Screwdriver T8 Torx Screwdriver Triwing Y1 Screwdriver Rather than getting all the separate screwdrivers I’m going to go ahead and use my 54 piece bit driver kit. Because it has all the bits that I need to get the job done. Of course your also going to need your replacement upper case, and although it is not necessary, I am going to use a screw tray. There are a lot of tiny screws involved, and I want to make sure to keep them all organized. So to get started I’m going to go ahead and remove the lower case that is held in place by all of these phillips screws along.

The bottom. Okay so with the bottom off, we can see all of the guts in the Macbook pro. Before I go any further I am going to disconnect the battery from the logic board, Because we want to make sure that there is no residual electricity running through the machine. So to do that, you are going to use your plastic spudger, and kind of lift up the left side of the connector and then the right side of the connector like your walking it out of the socket. Now that it is disconnected, the first piece that we are actually going to remove is the fan. That is held in place by just a few torx screws and one cable so, I will go ahead and.

Take those screws out. Okay, Now the cable you want to be really gentle with, because i have heard a lot of people that have actually ripped the entire connector off of the board, so when your lifting up on the cable you want to make sure to be lifting up on the connector and not the socket. That is actually stuck to the logic board, so be extra gentle during this step. Now that that cable is disconnected, the fan should lift out pretty easily. The next thing we are going to do, is get started on removing the logic board, and that is held in place by several screws and several cables. So I’m going to get started by disconnecting these.

Cables right here. The next cable that I a going to work on is the data display cable, and it is a little tricky it has a little latch that flips up. After it is flipped up, you can just pull the cable right out. There is also a bracket that i am going to remove while I’m here. Which is held in place by a couple of screws. With this bracket out. I can get to work on all the screws that are holding the logic board in place. Okay so that was the last screw, but before we can lift the logic board out there is actually a microphone that is glued down the the case, so I am going to.

Use my spudger to loosen that, and then i can pull the logic board out. Okay with the logic board out, the next thing we are going to remove is the battery. Which is held in place by a couple of triwing screws and a little bitty sticker. So triwing is a pretty uncommon variety of screw. You might think, quot;well I will just use a phillips screwdriver to take the triwing screws out, but doing that will only strip the screws, so make sure you use the proper triwing screwdriver. Okay now that the battery is free, the next thing we are going to do, is remove the hard drive. So we will start by removing the hard drive bracket. The screws that are holding.

How to Upgrade MacBook Pro HDD to SSD Crucial BX100 Install OS X El Capitan

In this tutorial how to clone and replace a MacBook Pro disk and install the latest in western IL capita the first step is to clean your Mac disk create a backup to prevent data loss watch this tutorial on how to clone a Mac disk them with the cloned in a job your Mac hard disk go ahead and grab your brand new SSD for this tutorial I’m going to use a crucial be x100 this be x100 is known for its capabilities the performance is good for all workloads the price and his energy efficiency is certainly a great upgrade option you also need external hard drive.

Enclosure with a 2.5 inches USB SATA Serial Port capably to connect your hard drive or the solid state drive now without the bottom case of your Mac access the hard drive and replace it with a new disc take out these two screws pull it out and unplug the east side connector connect your SSD and then security and place the be x100 comes with this stick closure stick it on the desk finish by mounting the unit and then close the bottom closure of your Mac and you’re done now with the latest application on the external hard disk connected with the.

Exeter head plugged in the USB port on your MacBook start up your MacBook Pro while pressing the C key to boot from the USB port and your Mac should boot from the external drive now when booted go ahead and open Disk Utility select the internal drive and create a partition and type select Mac OS 10 journey and on Options tab confirm that the partition table should be a global unique identifier then click OK apply to create the partition and then the SSD will be ready to install a new.

Operating system now download the latest OS 10 from apple on the top menu click on Mac and enter on a West NL captor click on upgrade now and the app store window should open if not click on view in Mac App Store and download them with OS 10 application you have two options a fresh install of the operating system on the new SSD disk and then restore your data or restore your clone Mac hard disk and then install the latest arrest him to do a clean install of Apple’s operating system opened the OS 10 El.

Capitan from applications or from the launch pad and click Continue agree with terms and conditions and then click to show all disks select the SSD Drive click Install type your credentials and it will began to install OS 10 capitan in your new Mac now instead of a fresh install you want to restore all your Mac hard drive all you have to do is to create the partition of the new SSD disk and then restored the clone data from the backup disk to the partition itself on disk utility select the new disc go to edit and create a new partition define your settings and hit apply then from the backup drive open the clone Mac.

Image and paste all no data to the new SSD partition and this is how you replace and install OS 10 capital in a brand new disc now if you need to create a bootable pendrive with the latest OS 10 operating system what’s this next tutorials if this tutorial was helpful give us a like share and subscribe to get more like this thanks for watching.

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