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Clean Your Mac Keygen

There are many reasons why you may need to locate the serial number of your HD Core Card. Maybe you want to register your product with AVID, for insurance purposes, or because you’ve upgraded to Pro Tools version 9. To activate and download Pro Tools 9, you’ll need your iLok ID, and your hardware serial number. If your HD Core Card is out of the computer then you can grab the serial number off the white label on the face of the card. Or the easiest way is to hold down the Apple, or Command Modifier..

While clicking the Pro Tools icon in the Dock… Doubleclick the Pro Tools Utilities, and then launch Digitest. You can see that I’ve got two cards installed, the Core Card, and an Accel DSP card. I’ll choose slot info, and then once the date is retrieved you’ll see the serial number for the selected card. I’ll select my HD Core Card, and there is the serial number. Just write it down, close Digitest, you’ll need to restart your computer before using Pro Tools again. And then enter the serial number where you need it, in this case to activate and download.

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