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Clean Your Mac Erfahrung

IPhone 6 Drop Test With Apple Cases! Hey everyone how’s it going Matt here from TechSmartt with a drop test featuring the brand new Apple cases on the iPhone 6. We have the iPhone 6 with the leather case on it as well as the iPhone 6 with a silicon case on it and for comparisons sake, the iPhone 5s with its leather case. We’re going to be dropping all three to see how they protect your phone. This is the first time we’ve actually seen a silicon case from Apple as last year.

We did have the leather case on the iPhone 5s. Now there’s two offerings with the green silicon case that we’ll be using in todays tutorial, the red leather case on the iPhone 6 and the blue iPhone 5s also with a leather case. Now again the design this year is a tiny bit different on the iPhone 6s. As you can see the bottoms are opened up so we’re going to see if that has any effect on the protectiveness of each case on the phone. We’re going to be doing each drop the pocket, head and then a 10 foot drop as see how each.

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