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Clean Your Mac Before You Sell

Please subscribe and support this channel, you can support by giving a comment or give a like to the tutorial thanks securely erase your Mac If you’re selling or passing your old Mac, make sure the recipient doesn’t get all your data if you’re passing your Mac to someone else it seriously recommended to boot up from the OS X install dvd wipe the hard disk, and reinstall OS X before you do anything with them And i’m not talking about the default erase in disk utility because when you delete a file from a computer hard disk.

Whether you’re dropping it into the trash or hit the erase button in Disk Utility the file isn’t actually erased nearly removed from the computers records now the question is how can you erase files permanently without leaving a trace and the answer is you can erase files permanently with a simple tweak in Disk Utility settings before you use the default setting to erase the hard disk click the button mark security options what you see next will depend on the version of the OS X you’re using in earlier versions you’ll see a series of radio buttons.

Something like this don’t erase data. 0 out data seven pass erase, and 35 pass erase for our purposes zero out data is fine Disk Utility will rights zeros over the existing data obliterating it once you’ve chosen this option click OK then erase and wait Disk Utility will take a while to zero out the hard disk but your data will be safely deleted before you reinstall OS X in later versions of the OS X, the security options in disk utilities erase section consist of a slider with fastest at one end.

How to Securely Erase Your Mac OS X

And most secure that the other. 0 update as the first from the left the other two options are now 3 pass erase and 7 pass erase needless to say if you work with sensitive personal data its recommend one of those options despite the long time it takes to perform the task So remember, when you delete a file from a hard disk the file isn’t a raised just removed from the PCs records hope this tutorial was helpful thanks for watching please subscribe and support this channel you can support by giving a comment or give a like to the tutorial.

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