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Clean Your Mac Activation Code

Welcome to DevFactor! today we’re going to be talking about how to get your own copy Adobe Photoshop entirely for free so in the tutorial I have a link to you the Adobe website and you’re gonna need to copy that link and paste it into your browser will bring you to a landing page for Adobe cs2 which were quickly redirect you to sign in page if you don’t have Adobe account need to make one and then sign in to this URL using your Adobe account now once you’re signed in.

You’ll get a couple mornings the page will tell you that the Adobe cs2 products are not supported anymore and that the registration server has been put off line because i’ve a technical issue this is a key component I why this tutorial series works now rate below that there’s another paragraph that says you should only use the provided serial codes if you have previously purchased a legitimate copy up Adobe cs2 Creative Suite or Adobe Acrobat 7 if you hadn’t previously purchased a legitimate copy of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Or Adobe Acrobat 7 the Adobe Creative police will hunt you down and they will beat you with a scrapbook a poorly edited selfies so now that that’s all out of the way you want to navigate to your language version and then scroll down until you find Adobe Photoshop cs2 and the correct operating system version in my scenario I’m using a Windows machine to record this tutorial so I’ve downloaded the Windows version of Adobe Photoshop cs2 additionally to the right of the version you down though is a serial key.

How to Get Photoshop For Free LEGALLY

This serial key will be used to activate the software now that the registration server is offline due to the technical fault listed above the installer itself is about three hundred and forty megabytes in size and as a result it may take a while to download completely this would be an excellent time to look up some photoshop cs tutorials or subscribe to my channel on YouTube possibly both so it’ll be a couple minutes before this thing is finished downloading fortunately I recorded this on a Starbucks internet connection which was quite fast.

And so I was able to get the whole three hundred and forty megabytes in just a matter of minutes I think it was about three minutes there we go it’s totally downloaded and the installers popped up so once you download it you’re gonna click the installer and follow through all the instructions on the screen you’ll get a few progress bars that pop up and eventually you’ll get a couple options one we’ll ask you you accept the license agreement yes of course you accept the license agreement another one will ask you for your first name your company name.

And your serial number the serial number is the number we found to the right to viewdownload on the downloads page for Adobe cs2 now just remember that your name and company don’t actually matter because the Adobe registration servers offline and probably will never be brought back online since this product is no longer in circulation I’ve skipped ahead to the point where my copy of Photoshop has finished its installation and is on the final screen I don’t want to read the documentation cuz it’s quite quite dry and there’s not a better resources to learn about Photoshop.

So I’m just going to launch the application as you can see I have launched Adobe Photoshop cs2 on my computer it’s a legitimate version there are no cracks required no keygens it straight from the Adobe official website and if you make no by everything looks perfectly fine on my Windows 7 machine and everything seems to you work perfectly fine on my Windows 7 machine regardless a bit not being officially supported by the Adobe team so there you go you now obtained your own copy of Adobe Photoshop.

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