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CleanMyMac 3 How To Properly Erase Files On Your Mac

CleanMyMac 3’s Shredder module easily removes any item from your system either securely, or quicker than using your Mac’s Trash Bin. So what does securely mean? Well, simply erasing a file using the system Trash is not very secure as the file remains recoverable through certain thirdparty apps. The Shredder module, however, can help you make sure that the file is gone forever. To get started, click Select Files or simply drag and drop them right into the application.

From there, just choose whether you want to erase them immediately, which basically just bypasses the Trash bin, or securely, as we discussed earlier… And click Shred. When the removal is complete, you can view a log of the shredded items. Enjoy a clean, happy Mac. See what CleanMyMac 3 can do for you. Download the free trial today, and check out our other tutorials for more detailed information about each module.

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