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Clean My Mac Quick Erase

Hi in today’s tutorial i’m going to show you little tips on how to clean your Mac on everything I’m going to show you today is free so there’s nothing that you’re going to have to pay for basically these are simple ways to clean your Mac keeping it optimize and fast and.

Also making sure that hard drive space is not being used up by cache files and log files that have gotten blown up over time and you really can’t see them unless you kinda dig down deep into a whole bunch of folders so I’m gonna show you little tips on how to find those log files those cache and also.

How to simply keep your computers random access memory or virtual memory as clean and as available as possible so that your applications will run faster and is not sluggish while you working so the first thing we’re gonna talk about is how to clean your memory so when I’m speaking about memory I’m talking about random access memory and one of the applications that I recommend.

For this which i’ve been using and i use actually throughout the day as I’m working is something called memory clean II will put a link to this in the comments area of this tutorial but you can download it for free here or you can get it in the Apple Store which it’s also free and when you download it just install it.

From the mac app store like any of the other apps install into your applications folder look for the application called memory clean but eventually after it installs will put a little item up here this little clock item that will show you that you can clean I your memory from this little area so it makes it very.

Available it also shows you how much memory you have available and if your memory goes in the red over here it usually means you probably need to clean it a call for this program is you actually do not have to restart your computer you can clean your memory or throughout the day so when is there a big memory hog that happens while you working you might ask.

One of the ways is when you’re in photoshop and you have done a lot of retouching in Photoshop and now that you’ve done with it you’re not really going to use Photoshop for lets say the next 2 hours but meanwhile there’s a whole bunch of cache that is space that is kinda being taken up by that program so a nice way to clean it would be using a program such as this and it’s free.

So all you do is come up here click on it and then you hit this little blue button called clean memory as you can see it’s going through the process so we were at shoot gigabytes let’s see if we get any more available I actually cleaned up before the tutorial so we won’t get too much more by Albert see what if we get a little bit more than 2.3.

Apple Mail Tips Tricks and Advice

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the class. today we are talking all about apple mail tips, tricks, and advice. This is one of those classes where you might think its really, really simple, but we have a ton of different things that were going to be going over today. We are live right now. We have five hundred people tuning in from literally all over the globe. For any of you out there who are watching this class after the fact, if youd ever.

Like to take one of our live classes, they are a free public service. you can find out more by going to our website at pcclassesonline . One thing you might want to do to help you with the schedule is theres a newsletter that we put out once a week. You can sign up for it. Its right at the top of the homepage. Well, not the very tippy top, but anyways its right there. It takes two seconds to sign up, and no, we dont sell your information to anyone. Dont worry about that.

Were talking about apple mail. what i did is before i started this class, i threw out a few poll questions at our live audience to gauge their knowledge and figure out what things we might need to spend more time on than others. First thing I want to do is talk about one of the things that seems to confuse the most people, which is basically there are two different types of email technology out there. One of them is referred to as POP. The other is referred to as IMAP. The difference is IMAP syncs.

For those of you out there who have problems where your emails do not sync, lets say you have a Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad and you go through and you delete a hundred messages on your computer. Then you go to your iPad, and theyre all still there. That is a sign that you are using a POP email account. One of my little pieces of advice that I give all of my clients who I work with privately is that its really ridiculous in 2015 to be with a POP email service. You really need.

To be with imap, especially those of you who use email in business. after all, not only can you not see what messages youve deleted, you cant see what youve responded to. If youre anything like me with my ADDsoaked brain, I cant remember. Did I already respond to that person or not? Then Im sending five responses. Its a good idea to consider switching to an IMAP account. Ill give you a few examples. iCloud is one of them. Gmail is another very popular one. There are other services.

Out there that used to be pop that now support imap, but i tend to steer some of my clients away from. Basically the two universal ones that I tend to say work for most people are either iCloud or Gmail. The difference, as far as which one I recommend over the other, is if you already have an Apple ID, it might be easier to use Gmail, because it can get kind of confusing otherwise. For most people, its going to end up being Gmail, but iCloud is another.

Good alternative. I have just basically a million bullet points here on my screen. Im just going to shoot through them and show you all these great little tips and tricks. Here we go. Now please keep in mind that all the email addresses youre about to see are all fake, so dont bother trying to send an email to any of them. First thing is I want to give you two great tricks to take the people who have sent you.

Emails and add them into your saved contacts. that way, you can respond to them, or you can write to them very easily, not just from your computer, but if youre using iCloud, which hopefully you are, then you can do it very quickly from those devices as well. Im going to use myself here as an example, okay? This is just a link I had to send to myself for people who wanted to give a contribution to what we do. If you get an email from someone. Forgive the fact that it has my middle initial here.

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