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Clean My Mac Os X 10.8

Hiim serge siou and welcome to macstudioa If you’ve been following along, welcome back to the third and final Part from our Blueprint Series. Part 3, Putting It All Together. There are Three Options that you can perform when booting from a Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 USB Boot Disk. Option 1: Reinstall Mountain Lion. Option 2: Clean install of Mountain Lion.

And option 3: restore a mountain lion system image file. What You Will Need: 1. An IntelBased Mac 2. Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 USB Boot Diskcreated in Part 1. That will care of Options 1 and 2. For Option 3, Restoring a System Image File, you’ll need a System Image File, which was.

Created in part 2 and copied onto an external hard drive. As Always, Don’t forget to make a backup of your Hard Drive or Hard Drives, especially when using the Disk Utilities Application. So Let’s Get Started As we will be demonstrating Options 1,2,and 3, insert your Mountain Lion USB Boot Disk along with the USB External Hard Drive.

Then; simultaneously, hold the option and power button until you hear. Boing sound, then release the Option and Power Buttons. Now click on the Orange Iconwhich is basically your USB Boot Disk, and click on the up arrow, which will launch the OS X Utility screen. We are now ready to demonstrate Option 1. Reinstall Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

Basically option 1, allows you to keep all existing users, files and setup that you created when you first got your Mac. Highlight Reinstall OS X, then press the Continue Button, Now navigate to where you want to reinstall Mountain Lion. In our case it will be on the Macintosh HD. Navigate to it’s location, then click on it. As I have already done an installation of Mountain Lion, I’m going to quit at this point.

But this is basically how to do a reinstallation of mountain lion10.8.2. where you keep all users and files intact. Option 2: Clean Install of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Say your System becomes sluggish or corrupted or maybe you need to sell your Mac System, then you’ll need to perform a clean install. To do so, we’ll need to go to the Disk Utility, then click the continue button. Next we’ll need to look at the Lefthand Panel and click on the the Macintosh HD, we need.

To basically erase it and come back to the reinstall of os x tab. Now click the Erase Tab and the Erase button here. Then a dialogue box will show up asking you if you are sure. Press the Erase button to confirm, this will only take a few seconds. Now close the Disk Utility window and return back to the OS X Utility. Highlight the Reinstall OS X tab and click Continue button.

Press agree and the agree button to confirm. Then locate your recently erased Macintosh HD, as you’ll notice, it’s about 120 GB and click install. As I’ve already installed it before, and I don’t want to go through the process of doing so again, which takes approximately 2730 minutes, I’ll close the Window and return to the OS X Utilities. Option 3: Restoring A Mountain Lion 10.8.2 System Image File.

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