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Clean Macbook Pro Keyboard Compressed Air

My name is james and i’m going to show you how to clean up keyboard spills. the first step to cleaning up a keyboard spill is preventing it. My initial thoughts on this, don’t have your cup next to your keyboard. Keep it on a table next to your computer, but not on the same table. Because it’s just too easy for this to spill on your nice keyboard, potentially messing up your keyboard. Now if should it happen that you do spill something on the keyboard. What you first want to do is flip the keyboard upside down, just so all that.

The large amount of liquid will come right off the keyboard. once you do that, put it back right side up, unplug it from the computer, start wiping all the large amounts of liquid off. Cleaning everything out, sometimes I like to use a little dust off or compressed air to help get all that liquid out from underneath the keys. Now if you do spill on your keyboard, once you have everything wiped off, the keyboard works. You really want to get it nice and new again and very clean, this is what you can do. One word of warning, this is a little.

Involved and you might even want to take a photo of your keyboard, because we’re going to be taking the keys off. First step take a flat head screwdriver, or something very soft. And do this very gently, because you don’t want to scratch anything, it doesn’t require any force. You take the keys off like so. Now once you have the keys off, you clean them individually, if you have something very sticky on them you can even drop them in a cup of water. Now one word of caution, some of the keys such as the space bar, may have.

Little levers underneath them. so you want to be careful when you take it apart, to remember the orientation of how it all goes back together. As far as the rest of the keys, for the most part they simply press back on. Now you have a clean keyboard, but like I said just keep that cup of water or whatever you’re drinking away from the keyboard and you won’t have this problem to begin with. My name’s James and I just showed you how to clean your keyboard after a spill.

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