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Clean Macbook Pro Hardware

How to tighten the USB Port on almost any deviceLoose USB FIX

*THE INTRO CUTS SHORT* Hey Guys, in this tutorial i will show you how to tighten the USB on your ComputerLaptop This should work with any computer with a USB Port Now, i’ll show you what the USB Port is like before the fixmod I’ll plug this USB Cable in and show you If i unplug the USB cable It comes straight out, its very loose, also when i plug it in Its also very wobbly.

So again, it comes out extremely easily Im going to show you how to tighten that up a little bit! So what were going to do first is Get the Mac Or any laptop or computer you might have, put it on its side Ok, so i have the laptop here On the macbook pro, you can see that we have two pins (as pointed out) We have two on one USB port and another two in the other.

What you want to do is get your screwdriver make sure you don’t touch the top part in case you may touch the connections together and short circuit the USB Port I recommend you turn your Laptop fully off and unplug any batteries if possible What you want to do is get your screwdriver, and try to pull the pins up This may be a little bit difficult but just be careful! Okay, so you saw the timelapse of me fixing my Mac Also, remember be very careful when doing this, you can damage the USB Port Also, we are going to give this a little test here and see if we can drag the laptop across the carpet!.

Were going to plug it into the top USB Port and we’ll see if we can drag the laptop! So, we can drag the laptop across the carpet! By the way, if the USB Port is too tight, you can always loosen those pins by pushing them back down So it would be easier, or if its not tight enough, you can raise it a bit more! Make sure you don’t put it up so high it touches the top bit because you won’t be able to plug your USB into the laptop because it is too high and may damage the laptop Sorry if this tutorial may have been a bit messy, its pretty late at night now but anyway, hope this helped and you enjoyed!.

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