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Clean Macbook Pro Cd Lens

Superdrive removal. First remove the bluetooth chip located at the back of the superdrive. Remove the antenna cable. and the wire cable. Now grab your philips head screwdriver, and remove the screw from the board.

Now lift up and out to remove. Once that is complete, now remove the wires. Gently remove that. Now remove the three cables from the back of the board. Once that is complete, now remove the four philips head screws,.

How to Clean Personal Electronics How to Clean Your Personal LCD Monitor

Hi! this is bobby hester on behalf of expertvillage . in this next clip, were going to demonstrate how to properly clean a LCD monitor. LCD monitors dont have the glass front like a CRT monitor, so there are a few products that can actually harm the LCD monitor, and we want to make sure and avoid them. The product that I still like to use the most is the electronic wipes. These are safe for the LCD monitor. Before I wipe my monitor with the LCDs, I like to get all of the dust off it. If there is a little bit of grit on the screen, when I wipe.

The monitor with the cloth, that little piece of grit can possibly leave a scratch going across the screen. I like to get my spray first, and Im going to turn my monitor off, and Im going to lightly just spray the monitor down. That will get rid of any pieces of grit that could possibly scratch the monitor. Once that I have done that, then Im good to wipe the monitor down with the electronic wipes. Just working back and forth. The great thing about these is it really evaporates quick and doesnt leave streaks. I cant.

Say this is enough, but this is one of the best cleaning products that ive used to date. There we have it. There are some products that you need to be aware of. Different manufactures have different ideas of what you can use or cant use on their monitor. Some say a real lightly damp cloth with water and just a little bit of soap would be okay. Others say it wont be okay. I just like to go ahead and be safe and use the wipes that are made for electronics. More than anything, you need to avoid a few products. Products that contain acetone, ethanol.

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