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Clean Macbook Pro Before Selling

Hi, my name is Normand, and today we are gonnatake a look at the 5 Things Most Sellers Forget To Do Before Selling Their Home. Alright,you want to sell your home. Wether it’s because you want to upgrade or downsize, or maybeyou need to sell because of your work. Whatever it is, here are 5 things most sellers forgetto do before selling their house. Number 1: Put yourself in the buyer’s shoe. Call yourbroker and go visit properties similar to yours. It will give you a heck of a good perspectiveabout the value of your home and you’ll be more receptive to market your property atthe right price right off the bat. If you don’t have a broker, it might also give youthe opportunity to meet some of your local

agents and start comparing their service levelin quot;reallifequot;. Number 2: Do some reverse engineering. Have your broker come over andprovide you with an evaluation. Since you’ve visited properties similar to yours, you’llmost probably just get a confirmation of what you think. Yet quot;Soldquot; values versus quot;AskingPricequot; values are quite often very different. That’s why you need that confirmation fromyour broker. You’ll also know what you should be left with in your pockets. Now with thosenumbers, have your lender come over and tell you what is your new home buying power andgo shop around. Call your broker back, schedule a few visits within your buying price range.Doing that will confirm if your project makes

sense or not. If it does, let’s move on tonumber 3: Get your home ready. I’ve done a tutorial on that subject. You can see it righthere. Number 4: Assemble your paperwork. Ask your broker about this. Find out if thereare some papers missing and order new ones if necessary. Number 5: Don’t quot;rushquot; the initialmarketing. The first impression is your only impression. Make sure your broker has allthe pics taken before he puts your property online. You might wanna have your home stagedbefore taking the pics. So, review all of those things with your broker. Take the necessarytime to execute it all so when you actually put your house online and the sale sign infront of your house, it’s show time. Alright,

that’s it for today. Thanks for watching. Letme know your questions in the comments below and see you next week!.

Cmo desconfigurar tu Mac antes de venderlo o regalarlo

Very good, how about? friends, I’m Nico andin this tutorial we will show steps to be followed before selling orgive your Mac if you’re going to give it away because you sellbought another, want to move before your documents, app’s, and user accountsparameters to your new Mac, so you We leave a link in the notes toyou follow the relevant steps is also advisable to keep abackup so also you leave a link in the tutorial,but in this tutorial are only going to focus on disable someand delete functions and services

the hard drive from the old Mac in fiveSteps the first thing we will do isdisassociate the Apple ID and iTunes it only allows associating the ID5 year simultaneously iTunes for this we go iTunes and theStore section, enter withdraw authorize this computer, we reyenamos the two fields asking us and press withdraw authorization ifwe have more and IDs associated We do the same and will appear thisconfirmation message if you use my mac or other search functionsYou iCloud on your Mac, you must first file

or backdata security iCloud, in Notes’ll leave you tutorial link now we have to get insidepreference system iCloud and then we have to unmarksearch box my Mac if you think the same as me notit enables me, first you have to enter the password ofabove Now, mark the box, we will askauthorization and deactivate. And by Finally we have to press the buttonSign off

when you sign out of iCloudwill ask you whether you want to delete the iCloud data on your Mac, if you doiCloud data remain in all other devices that areand using the same Apple ID, if you registered another computer, you canremove from the list of records now or you can do when you sell I’m going to do now for you to seehow it is done, you have to enter the Profile page Apple support,We ask you to initiate session and Once inside the device selectand the upper part

we have to press the delete buttonproduct, we ask you for confirmation and we press the button and finally press continue The fourth step is to disconnect from andiMessage, for this we must enter the select messages applicationpreferences Account, select iMessage account and then click Sign off and finally we have to delete andreinstall os x that is also a doubt

very popular forum applemaníacos and whether it was time to make a tutorial first thing we have to do isrestart the computer, for that urge apple above the left andselect restart then you have to keepdown keys command + R while the computer restarts toyou appear OSX utility we remind you that with the deletion ofhard disk will be deleted all data, so it has recommendedsave a backup as you

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