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Clean Install Your Mac

Please subscribe and support this channel you can support by giving a comment or give a like to the tutorial, thanks. in this tutorial, how to install OS 10 Mavericks launch Safari web browser go to Apple dot com and OS X Mavericks now click on upgrade now click on, view in Mac App to download and wait until download is complete next, open Disk Utility, plug in your USB flash drive greater than 8 gigabytes now click on the erase tab choose Mac OS Extended journaled format give the name osxmaverick, all lower case.

And click erase now wait until formatation it’s finished when it’s done close DiskUtility and open terminal now go to description on this tutorial, and paste this code on to terminal hit enter, and wait until he creates your fresh OS 10 Mavericks could take 15 minutes or more but wait, and do not mess with terminal when it’s complete, looks like this now go to finder select your USB device and click on your new image we can install from here, or you can make a fresh installation restart your computer, and on startup, press option key.

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