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Best Mac App Cleaner 2012

I’m not pleased with the performance of windows builtin or native to uninstall unnecessary software you might ask me Why? Actually whenever you use add or remove programs in Windows XP and programs and features in Windows 7 8, 10 and other versions to uninstall a program chances are extremely high that after the installation process.

Uninstalled software leaves harmful leftovers behind that cause slow down overall speed and performance of your PC no matter how much extraordinary system resources your computer laptop has in addition to the aforementioned drawbacks have the Windows native uninstall tool, Windows native uninstaller tool lacks several other abilities for example it does not remove registry items.

It cannot release disk space occupied by files and folders oven installed software you are not able to uninstall multiple programs at once it becomes totally useless if you come across a stubborn software that’s why many of Microsoft Windows operating systems experts and veteran users suggest to use thirdparty uninstaller software to uninstall a desired unwanted or unnecessary software completely along.

Harmful leftovers and to get rid of the stubborn kind of programs with minimum efforts, as well taking this into consideration I have compiled a list to five best uninstaller software for Microsoft Windows users. Though, there is a huge list of uninstaller programs available out there and I’ve tested many of them. but I found these five.

Uninstaller software working to remove unwanted programs with leftovers, Let’s have a quick look on the list to five best uninstaller software compiled and tested by me. Revo Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller is my favorite one I have been using it for ages and I am very pleased with its scanning ability of finding out harmful leftovers.

Registry items and other things after uninstalling a software from Windows PC Revo Uninstaller is a very simple, easy to use and best Uninstall Tool if you cannot uninstall is stubborn program then it can be suggested you to use it Revo Uninstaller is available in freeware and paid formats. its paid version has advanced features then it’s freeware version.

But you can still use it freeware version for free for 30 days along full features. I can say about Revo Uninstaller, it deserves to to top the list Baidu PC faster, I have placed Baidu PC faster at number two position on this list of best uninstaller software.

The best thing about by baidu pc faster is that it has everything you need to speed up the windows computer laptop, in addition to its PC optimization features it also has a builtin antivirus and Wifi hotspot And on top of that Baidu PC Faster is a freeware piece of software with PC optimization features.

How to uninstall applicationProgram from Mac 3 methods

Hi, this is harish bali from technofare . in this tutorial i am going to show how to uninstall apps on mac? For that easiest way is to go to launch pad and do a long press on any of the apps with your mouse. On some of the apps you will see this cross button. These are the ones that are installed from the app store of mac. If you don’t see a cross icon that means those are either the pre installed apps or those are the ones which are installed from a source outside app store. Let me now demonstrate how to uninstall a app. For that.

Simply click on this cross button. are you sure, you want to delete this app, moment you press delete, it will get uninstalled. Now what do you do when you want to uninstall a app which is installed from a source outside app store. For example i am on page 2 and i have got this file android file transferring. if i want to uninstall it, what i will do is i will go to finder from the doc bar, click on applications search for the app that you want to delete, so it is android file transfer. Here is the application, select.

It and then click on +. choose others you will see couple of check boxes which are checked and unchecked. These are the associated files of this particular app search for system files select it, check this box and ok. Next thing you need to do is from this drop down choose are included. So what this means is You are asking the system to include system files. So what has now happened is this is android file transfer along with its system files.So select all these 3. Do a right click and simply move it to trash. That’s how you.

Can uninstall an app from your system using finder and this was the case of an app which was installed from a source outside app store. Now if you really want to make the whole process super easier. what you can do is go to your app store and download an app called as app cleaner. I have already got it installed. Now i am on my download folder. Name of the app is app cleaner, here it is. Just open it. So what we now need to do is go back to the applications again identify the app that you want to remove. So i am again identifying.

Android file transfer, here it is . just drag this from the applications to this particular app, so what this smartly does is . It puts in all the files that are associated with this particular app along with it. And then you can simply check it and remove it. Enter your password, i haven’t set any. ok and its gone. Let’s check it. Applications android file transfer. It’s no more in my system. That is how easy it was to uninstall apps from mac using all the 3 processes. While i continuously use this app cleaner as this.

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