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Apps To Speed Up Your Mac

Please support and subscribe this channel you can support by giving a comment or give a like to the tutorial thanks top ten tips to a faster Mac. Turn your Mac into a speed machine sometimes you have to spend a little time just to keep your apps to be working smoothly here are our top tips to speed up any Mac one add memory adding more random access memory will always have a positive impact on your mac performance check your system’s performance with activity monitor and run crucial system scanner to get the exact specs and price of the extra.

RAM to upgrade to a solid state drive if you have an old Mac Book for mac book pro with the user replaceable hard desk consider replacing it with an SSD in order to speed up data seek times 3 hard disk space keep your Mac running as efficiently as possible by freeing up hard disk space archive any photos you don’t need to a network attached storage drive or move your music onto an iTunes Home Server use file get info on your heart desk and check how much free space it has.

Should have at least 10 to 15 percent the free space 4 launching does your Mac spent a good few minutes whenever you turn it on opening up items that are set to launch and lawton online storage app’s such as Dropbox and Google Drive our particular guilty in this issue go to System Preferences users and groups and then click Login Items remove anything you need from the list by clicking it then hit the minus button wonder the list 5 easy on the graphics you’re running OS 10 on a Mac with lessthanstellar graphics performance.

TOP 10 Tips to a Faster Mac How to Speed Up Your Mac

You can speed it up by going to System Preferences doc in removing the tape from the check boxes next to magnification animation opening applications automatically hide show the doc and turn of accessibility 6 dock animations can turn off dock animation completely so it pops up without any animation launch terminal and type defaults right com Apple dock auto hide time on a fire dash n0 kill all doc and had enter to get the effect back type defaults to lead com Apple dock auto hide time on a fire.

Semicolon kill all dark 7 disable dashboard for use the dashboard you can speed up your Mac by turning it off open terminal and type defaults right com Apple dashboard MCX disabled dash ball yes kill all doc and hit return to turn it back type defaults right com Apple dashboard MCX disabled dash ball no kill all dark 8 sort mail mail mail feeling slow mail closed, go to find her choose go go to folder type this line library mail v2 male data and hit go track all files with names beginning in envelope index.

To the trash and the next time you launch male it’ll rebuild its database you can safely delete the old envelope index files on the next time you log on 9 slow surfing in Safari is Safari slowing down taking forever loading some sites if you find yourself waiting for pages to load trying resetting Safari go to Safari web browser reset Safari then choose which data to remove and click Reset you might lose a few website settings but you gain a fresh new web browser 10 restart your Mac.

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