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This one is like small and sassy and this one is large and in charge. upbeat music Gapping. Back fat. And boob overflow. As Tim Gunn once said A proper fitting bra is important AF. But how do you know if your bra is the right size It’s Ladylike and today we’re trying ThirdLove, a boob measuring app. My relationship with bras is pretty anticlimatic. There aren’t any crazy stories. There’s no highs or big lows. Bras don’t like me, I don’t like them.

I like how it makes my clothes fit, but they are so uncomfortable. I call shenanigans on this app. I don’t think it’s gonna work at all. If we have a car that can drive itself, I feel like we have an app that can tell me what size my boobs are. I have faith that it’ll figure it out or at least it will figure it out better than I have. It’s a pretty looking app. The first thing on the screen is like,.

Would you like to buy some bras So basically it just asks for my band size. Now it’s asking for my cup size. I think it’s a 40 double D. We want to try to trick it and see if it knows that I’m not an A cup. I will go with B for right now. Is my hair in a bun No, it is not. Alright, size me up. First photo position. It is, it’s tilted! So drag and pinch the photo to place.

Can An App Guess Your Boob Size Ladylike

The blue line over the widest part of your bust. Widest like from mmya to mmya I feel like I could have bought a bra and then hated it and the bought like a betterfitting bra by the time I finish this app. I never look at my boobs this much. Now let’s take this side photo. Drag and pinch the photo to place the blue line over the widest part of your bust. This is like playing Connect the Dots with yourself and losing.

Oh, it’s calculating my measurements. It says that I should be wearing the size that I’m currently wearing. It recommended a 34 B. This app is a load of crap. It says that I am a 34 A and so now we know that it just tells you that your size is whatever you put into it. I don’t know if it’s cheating or not. We’ll see how it measures against the actual tape. You’d be coming in at like about a 32, 33.

Yeah, I would say that’s about a D cup because I can tell by the fullness. At the bust, it’s measuring at a 32, 32 B. 32 B, OK! Yeah. I’m measuring a 40 double D. If you didn’t preenter your measurements into the app, I would be a lot more impressed. Because even though it guessed a 34 B, which was still wrong, at least it would have guessed close. Just can’t beat that human touch. The app can spit out a number, but if you measure at a 32 and that’s exactly.

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