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A Quoi Sert Clean My Mac

In mac os x 10.9, also known as mavericks, hp is providing updated print drivers and software through Apple Software Update. This tutorial shows how to install an HP printer using Apple Software Update with a wired or wireless connection. With this type of installation, you do not need to download a driver from HP to use your printer in Mavericks. First, turn on the printer and make sure it is in a ready state and there are no blinking error lights or messages displayed on the.

Screen. Make sure the printer is connected to a wired or wireless network, or is connected to the USB port of a Time Capsule or AirPort Base Station. Because connecting your printer to a network is unique for each system configuration, we will not provide those instructions here. the Apple menu. System Preferences. Under the hardware section, click Printers Scanners.

In the left pane of the printers scanners window, click the plus sign. If a dropdown menu opens, click Add Printer or Scanner. The name of your HP printer will display in the Name window pane. Select your printer listed as Bonjour or Bonjour Multifunction type. You must choose one of these two connection types for a networkconnected printer. If your printer is Airprintenabled, the Airprint driver will be set as default. To use the.

Hp driver, click the use box. from the dropdown menu, select the name of your printer. Once your printer is selected, click Add. Your Mac will then retrieve the latest software for your printer and install it. If you receive a message stating that some of the software for the printer is missing, click Download and Install. Next, click the Apple menu from your Mac. Software Update to automatically begin checking for available updates from the App.

Store. software update will also update the database your mac uses to determine available printer software. Update next to any available software updates. Install all available updates for best printer performance and functionality. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password and then click Sign In. Once the software updates are completed, you might be required to restart your computer. After the installation process completes, verify that your printer displays in the queue.

How to Use Automator in Mac OS X

Welcome to techyv , your solution providers. This is Brittany and in this tutorial, i will teach you about apple’s automator software. Automator was developed for Mac OS X. It is personnel automated resistant, and if you know how to use it,it can make your life easier. It can automate actions that could be repetitive saving you time and effort.

Let show you, how to create a service workflow. You can open automator either through your application launch pad, or by clicking the automator icon from the application folder in your finder window. The automator opens with a picker sheet,choose the type of work.

You want to create. Lets create a service workflow. Then numerical flow document,you find it at library coloum on the left, showing list of all automator actions in your computer. The action column in the middle,this place available actions for the selected application.

Make sure to select no repeat for sevice received. Lets create a service workflow document. Choose document under library, for this tutorial,lets try to automatically add a watermark your document. Simply drag the action to you workflow pane, and it will automatically come up.

With a window showing the perimeter control you can make for this action. You can choose to add a picture watermark or a text watermark. Under text,you can input the text you want and also customise the font style and colors. What i’m going to do now is type in the name property of techyv and i’m going to choose the font.

Which is baskerville and set the size to default. I’ll make it bold and italic by clicking on the checkboxes next to the items. Then you can also set the transparency. So i’m gonna go ahead and select forty percent.

You can also change the colors from the color palette. Ater that click file and save as and type in the name you need for the service workflow. save again. Now every time we need to place your watermark on a document, just click on word on the upper left and service and selecti the service rep for you just made.

While your watermark pops up on automatically. If you want to add more actions for your service workflow, go back to workflow window and look for the action you need. If you’re unsure on a certain action just highlight it and a definition will pop up down on the information box or when you click the action description button.

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